Waste Management in Georgia

Waste management companies in Georgia are the leading providers of waste and environmental services in North America. These companies tailor their services to meet the needs of each customer group and to ensure consistent, superior service at the local level. They are committed to ensuring the safety of both their customers and employees while providing superior service. For everyone in the Atlanta region impacted by a storm, they want to assure you the Operations Team is working diligently to resume operations. Waste management providers serve residential, commercial, and industrial customers through landfill operations, curbside collection, dumpster, recycling, and other waste collection services.

The Solid Waste Management Program is organized into the following units: The Environmental Monitoring Unit is responsible for reviewing groundwater, surface water, methane monitoring, remediation, and corrective action plans and site suitability reports; analyzing groundwater, surface water, and methane monitoring data; and conducting compliance inspections for methane and groundwater pollution.

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Planning requirements for local governments recently changed significantly. Local government solid waste management plans, whether local, multi-jurisdictional or regional, must at a minimum: provide for 10 years of collection capability and disposal capacity from the date of completion of the plan.

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There are links to Georgia’s environmental rules as published on the Georgia Secretary of State’s website and to corresponding laws on the LexisNexis® website, the official publisher of the Official Code of Georgia Annotated (O.C.G.A.). Please note that rules recently adopted by the Board of Natural Resources, but not yet published on the Secretary of State’s website, are available online as well.

Government and businesses that generate or store hazardous waste are regulated by the Hazardous Waste Management Programs of the Land Protection Branch. These Programs also investigate spills and releases involving hazardous waste and determine the impact to soil and water. The Hazardous Waste Programs administer the Hazardous Waste Trust Fund, also called the State Superfund, which is used to fund recycling and waste management efforts.

After assessing local needs and capabilities, ICMA will establish CityLinks™ partnerships between municipalities in Georgia and cities or counties in the United States that can provide expertise and share innovative and practical approaches to environmental management, including solid waste collection and disposal, landfill siting, and recycling.

They’re proud of their work to keep Georgia communities both clean and safe. Check below to find out where they provide waste and recycling services in Georgia. Thy offer the trash removal, recycling and yard waste removal services to residents in Georgia. Commercial waste disposal services include dumpster rental, roll-off containers and trash ..

The Division of Waste Management works closely with the department’s district offices to implement state and federal laws to protect the environment from the improper handling and disposal of solid and hazardous wastes. This includes regulatory programs for waste facilities and pollutant storage systems, and non-regulatory activities such as financial and technical assistance